San Vicente

San Vicente, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
The drive to Cala San Vicente on the coastal road north of Aigues Blanques is perhaps one of the most magnificent in Ibiza. The village of San Vicente is 3km up the valley from the coast on the road to St Joan. As Ibiza‚??s smallest village, it boasts only a handful of houses and a village church and a small bar. Cala San Vicente has a beach of golden sand and some of the best swimming in the area. You will often see beautiful boats moored in the bay. A reasonable selection of shops and restaurants. From the shoreline a paved road heads inland up to the signposted path for Cova des Cuieram which was a site of worship in Carthaginian times. It is a walk of perhaps 15 minutes through dense forest to reach the mouth of the cave. When it was discovered in 1907 hundreds of terracotta images of the fertility goddess were unearthed here. Unfortunately, the cave is now closed off as it is deemed dangerous, but the views are breathtaking.